1800s Paintings of Burton upon Trent

Burton from the East - 1800 (One of the most useful sources of the old bridge)

Trent Bridge at Burton - a scene from the early 1800s

Burton Abbey - 1812, View of Manor House (Formerly the private residence of the Abbot.)

Burton Abbey Gates - 1830 (now Abbey Arcade, High Street)

Peel Mill - 1830s (Still evident as apartments, Newton Road, Winshill)

Old Trent Bridge - 1840, although anonymous, this picture provides terrific insight of the time

Old Trent Bridge - 1844 by John Harden (Winshill end of old bridge)

Old Trent Bridge - 1857 by William Wilde (North side, note footbridge and lock gate)

View from Stapenhill- c1870

The Triangle, Stapenhill - by John Harden (Saint Peter’s Street)

Stapenhill Village - by John Harden (Junction of Hill Street and Main Street)

Stapenhill Green - by John Harden (Tree felling on what is now Saint Peter’s Island)

Burton Washlands - 1881 (View from top of the new Saint Peter’s Church tower)

River Trent - 1890s (View from Stapenhill Road)


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