Burton Hospital

In 1869, the original Burton Hospital was opened in Duke Street. The Infirmary had just twenty-two beds, together with accommodation for nurses, domestics and the house surgeon.

A second infirmary was opened 30 years later, complete with 72 beds. Though of modest appearance, it contained every modern development of its day, including new casualty, outpatient and dispensary facilities.

In 1942, during the World War II, Burton’s third infirmary was opened. The war restricted both facilities and staffing. Newly qualified doctors were allowed just six months in hospital before being called into war action.

The fourth hospital, known now as Burton District Hospital, was opened in 1971 on the present Belvedere Road site. Although the new hospital co-existed with the General Hospital in New Street, the development was based on the vision that all of Burton’s hospital requirements would eventually come together.

In 1990, a £34 million capital development was commenced, to replace all the general hospital facilities and provide all district general services on a single, modern site. The result was the new Burton Hospital.

It was officially opened by Her Majesty The Queen on December 7th 1995. The following year the hospital changed its name to Queen’s Hospital.

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