Burton Baths – General History

Several requests for a Burton public swimming baths had been made with the only available swimming in the river Trent. These were most strongly voiced in 1853. It would be over twenty years though, before any action was taken.

In the 1870s, baths were built and donated to the town by Richard and Robert Ratcliff, the sons of the brewer Samuel Ratcliff. Burton Baths was handed over to the improvement commissioners and officially opened to the public in 1875. The baths, which included two separate swimming pools, was situated at the bottom of the ramp on the south side of the Trent Bridge. Turkish baths were added in 1903.

The new interior, complete with diving boards, will bring back memories for some. It will be better remembered as below for most though. Remember the open doorway to the other smaller pool, that always seemed to be a bit warmer?

Burton Baths was demolished soon after the nearby replacement Meadowside Centre was opened in 1980.


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