Fire Brigade – History Book

It is well beyond the scope of this website to provide a full and comprehensive history of the Burton upon Trent Fire Brigade; if however, you find these pages of interest, you would certainly enjoy the complete history in this excellent book available directly from the author.

The book is larger than A4 with over 180 pages of easy reading and many photographs.

“While being the scene of a “Great Fire” long before London’s headline grabbing effort, Burton upon Trent, with its undisputed title of “Brewing Capital of Britain” has also been able to boast of being in possession, throughout its years of prosperity, of one on the finest, if not the finest Fire Brigades in the land.

Formed more than 160 years ago, the Burton Brigade evolved from its purely voluntary roots to become a polished, professional, County Borough Brigade, right up to the cessation of local control in April 1974.

The recounting of the history of the Burton Brigade is not just a backward glance at time past, it is a walk through a period long gone.

All told with a Fire fighters detail and working knowledge, not to mention his observance of some of the more absurd aspects of the job. Illustrated throughout with page after page of evocative photographs.

The title came from a section of the first contract drawn up for the for Burton’s Firemen in 1854, which they all had to sign. Complete with an index of those who served, and a list of appliances that have seen service in the town.

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