Crested Ware

Much ‘crested ware’ hit the town, in varying degrees of quality, to celebrate the Town’s new status. For a while at least, almost every Burtonian knew what ‘Honor Alit Artes’ meant and could therefore claim to speak at least some Latin.

This cheese/butter dish, for example, would grace many larders and would probably only make an outing when guests came for tea.

Or better/worse still, depending on your disposition, this handsome shaker.

Of course, you could have saved your money on both and opted for this highly desirable crested John Bull figure.

This elegant vase makes the point that you don’t necessarily have to stick to the registered colours – if you prefer, simply ignore them and use your own.

… a sentiment extended to this highly desireable cup, carefully crafted to ensure that the Arms remain in view during use for both the left and right handed.

Were the crested swans carefully crafted to proudly represent one of Burton’s best known features; or did interest in the new coat-of-arms provide the ideal opportunity to accelerate sales of an otherwise dubious ornament?

Now this one, I do actually quite like. It stands around four and a half inches tall and the only thing I would need in order to buy it, is to have some confirmation that it is someone that actually relates to Burton in some way. It looks nothing like Lord Burton, the Marquis of Anglessey or any Town Mayor that I have ever seen so I am intriqued as to who it might be.


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