Mayors 1878..1927

1878-79 W.H.Worthington

In 1878, Burton was granted the status of County Borough and W.H.Worthington, one of the most prominent brewers in the town, was appointed its first Mayor. This was a natural progression since he was the chairman of the Town Commissioners at the time that Borough status was awarded.

1880-81 S.Evershed

Sydney Evershed was another prominent brewer who eventually, in 1905, merged to form the highly successful Marston, Thompson and Evershed brewery. He was elected to Parliament and became MP for Burton-on-Trent in 1886.

1882-83 G.H.Allsop

1884-85 T.B.Lowe

1886-87 E.Wright

1888-89 C.Harrison

1890-91 R.Wilkinson

1892-93 A.J.Coxon

1894-95 J.Parker

1895-96, 1900-01 J.R.Morris

1897-98, 1922-23 F.Thompson

1899-00 G.L.Blackhall

1902-04 A.J.Roberts

A.J. Roberts remained in office for two consecutive years and enjoyed the privilege of opening the new Tramway System in 1903 when he travelled on the very first tram from the Town Hall to Stapenhill Green.

1905-06 T.E.Lowe

Educated at Burton Grammar School and Ashville College, Harrogate, he joined Mssrs. Thomas Lowe and Sons in 1885, became a partner in 1887 and eventually Chairman.
Keen on sport, he was Hon. Secretary of Burton Football Club. He was elected a member of the Town Council in 1893; was made an Alderman in 1904 and was elected Mayor in 1905.
For more than 20 years, he was Chairman of the Gas and Electricity Committee; was appointed Govenor, and eventually Chairman, of the Endowed Schools and was Justice of the Peace for the Borough of Burton-on-Trent and later, County of Stafford.
Much of his spare time was devoted to music. He was conductor of the Burton Musical Society and took principal parts in the Operatic Society.

1907-08 C.A.Tresise

Charles Tresise ran a successful printers, publishers and newspaper company. The company continued as Tresise Printers long after his death.

1909-10 T.Jenkins

1911-12 Marquis of Anglesey

Sir Charles Henry Alexander Paget, 6th Marquess of Anglesey GCVO, was educated at Eton and the Royal Military College Sandhurst. In 1911 he became Mayor of Burton upon Trent at the age of just 26 making him by far the youngest ever mayor of the town. His end of his term was punctuated by the outbreak of WWI and he went on to serve in the Royal Horse Guards.

1912-13 T.Metcalf

1914-15 J.S.Rowland

Joseph S. Rowland was the principal of Rowland & Son, one of the most prominent auctioneers in Burton at the time.

1916-17 J.W.A.Bassett

1918-19 G.Hill

1920-21, 1921-22 A.H.Yeomans
Educated at Burton Grammar School, he learnt malting. He inherited his father’s Brewery but joined with Marston’s where he became Managing Director of what became Marston, Thompson and Evershed Ltd.
In 1917, he was elected to Burton Borough Council and was placed on the Justice of the Peace roll. He was elected Major in 1920 and held the post for two consecutive terms.
Being a keen rower in his younger days, he was Chairman of Burton Regatta from 1898 to 1920. He also played for Burton Football Club and became a long-standing committee member for the club.

1924-25 C.M.Livens

1926-27 A.Elliott


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