Girls High School – Headmistresses

The complete list of Headmistresses was as follows:

1873-1878 Miss Brown
1878-1880 Miss A. Lee
1881-1913 Miss K.M. Rutty
1913-1936 Miss E.H. Linnell, M.A. (Including change from Waterloo Street to Winshill)
1936-1944 Miss F.L.E. Camous, M.A.
1944-1951 Miss W. Mulley, M.A.
1951-1952 Miss D.R. Hall (Acting Headmistress from April)
1952-1966 Miss E. Lloyd, M.A. (taking over in May)
1967-1971 Miss M.L. Henson, M.A.
1971-1975 Miss K.M. Owen, B.A. (ceased as High School)


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