Town Hall Interior

Passing through the doors into the depths of Burton Town Hall really is like taking a step back in time to the elegance of the Victorian era.

Up the stairs past the pictures of the most recently serving mayors with the current major at the top until his time comes to join the others; some re-shuffling will be necessary in 2010 when the current mayor takes the last available slot!

Approaching the top of the stairs, the imposing picture of Michael Thomas Bass, the father of Lord Burton who famously donated the building to be used as a much needed new Town Hall.

The landing shows the mayor’s private parlour half way along on the right with the beckoning doors of the main Council Chamber at the end.

The Mayor’s Parlour continues in victorian style with the walls covered with every mayor starting from W.H.Worthington, the first mayor serving in 1878-79, to the most recent.

The Council Chamber itself is no disappointment and has the marvellous feel of a small version of the house of Commons. Several imposing pictures oversee the proceedings, the most conspicuous one guarding the door being W.H.Worthington.

The front bench must make local councillors sometimes feel that they are up in front of the local magistate. 

The impressive chamber ceiling.

Finally, although a later addition, the foyer memorial board.


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