The old circular stone font, which dates back to at least medieval times, was still in the old church in the early eighteen hundreds but was removed and remained ‘lost’ for several decades. It eventually turned up in a local farmyard in 1973 and identified as Saint Peters Font. Following its discovery, it was reinstated in the new church and is still situated at the east end of the north aisle. It can be seen below, but only the font bowl is original, the new pedestal was specially commissioned to support it but is in keeping with what it is expected the original pedestal would have been like.

A new font was installed in the old church in the 1830s but a new one was made for the new church when it was rebuilt in 1881.

The 1881 font itself replaced around 1930 by a marble one of Art Nouveau style. This still stands at the west end of the nave, close to the main entrance and can be seen below; the old font is however, still favoured for present day christenings.


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