Tower Views

The top of Saint Peter’s tower offers some spectacular views of Burton. Some clearer photos by Ian Gilliver (responsible for among other things, making sure that the tower clock is wound up every week) are also included.

The absence of Drakelow Powerstation makes for a quite different view since its demolition (Ian Gilliver).

Saint Peters Bridge in the foreground, the Ferry Bridge in the mid-background and you may be
able to make out Leicester Line bridge in the background with this view south down the river.

The once majestic Ferry Bridge next to the site of the old Stapenhill Ferry, now looking a little more forlorn.

A zoom in on the Leicester Line bridge; beyond, if you look carefully, you might be
able to pick out the spires of Lichfield Cathedral just right of centreĀ (Ian Gilliver).

A view south over Stapenhill most significantly shows the site once occupied by Stapenhill House.

A great vantage point for watching the goings on, such as this Stapenhill Fete (Ian Gilliver).

Looking north up the river with a few well known landscapes punctuating the landscape.

My personal favourite – once again, north up the river focusing on the Bass Tower and Burton Library; unfortunately, not the clearest of conditions.

South-west, a view over the washlands with the Stapenhill Viaduct forming a large X as it passes under the modern Saint Peters Bridge.

A clearer view looking north (Ian Gilliver).

One final look north to pick out the Trent Bridge.

And finally, a look east over Clay Street and up to the Waterloo Tower.


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